Required Reading

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I’ve read some really good books in the past year. These are the best and constitute required reading.

  • Charisma-Myth300The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane: Wherever you are going, charisma will help you get there faster. There are a bunch of really helpful exercises that focus on your internal emotional condition, which is displayed in your body language and affects the way people interact with you.



  • Positive-IntelligencePositive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine: This tries to be a business book, but is really about happiness. It taught me how to empathize with myself and good strategies for dealing with internal resistance. Any time you get upset, your brain is being sabotaged, taking it out of your control.



  • TurningPro.pbk_.cover_Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield: This took me 2 hours to read and is an emotional roller coaster. Pressfield is blunt. You are either completely dedicated to your life’s work, or you are wasting it.


Thanks to my dad for turning me on to these great books.

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