How To Target Specific Pages With Skimlinks In Thesis 2.0

Skimlinks is a great simple tool for automatically adding affiliate links to your website. It can make a mess, though, if you install the WordPress plugin because the functionality is global and links will start showing up where you don’t want them.

The solution? Remove the WordPress plugin and instead paste the javascript code from Skimlinks Settings into the footer scripts section of the template settings in the Thesis skin editor. Seems simple, but took me a while to figure out.


  1. Copy the javascript from Skimlinks settings.
  2. Open Thesis 2.0 skin editor.
  3. Navigate to the page or template where you would like Skimlinks to function.
  4. Click the gear icon next to the page title.
  5. Paste code into Footer Scripts.
  6. Save template.
  7. Test pages/posts by adding anywhere on your site.

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