FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, Rack Cases

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IMG_1121Seventh Circle Audio Microphone Preamp – $1,200

Q: Who makes the best preamps for the money?

A: I do. ;)

I worked for hours and days meticulously building these preamps in 2006. I have stopped using it and am ready to find it a new loving home. If you love recording, you are going to love these preamps. Plus, there is plenty of space for you to build more!

They are in great condition. I moved twice, but they always remained safe in my studio and have probably been used less than 1,000 hours.

C84 ($349 new)

The SCA C84 is a transformerless microphone preamp based on the “Double Balanced” circuit first published in 1984 by Graham John Cohen and since used by many notable manufacturers. The C84 is superb on acoustic instruments, percussion, and any source that needs to be captured as accurately as possible. The C84 is also inexpensive and easy to build.

J99 ($479 new)

The SCA J99 is a flexible, high-gain, low-noise, low-distortion microphone preamplifier, based on the classic Jensen Twin Servo design.  This is a great preamp to use when a neutral sonic character is required, but the slightest amount of euphonic transformer coloration is desired.

Chassis and Power Supply ($499 new)

The CH01 is a rugged 2RU chassis designed to accept up to 8 of our preamp modules and a single PS03 power supply.  More than just a cosmetic frill, the chassis supports and protects the electronics inside and provides essential shielding from external noise sources.  Many kitbuilders find that drilling and punching a chassis to be the most challenging aspect of electronics construction, and even after hours of work are dissatisfied with the results.  The CH01 provides a simple route to a professionally finished chassis that’s as good as the electronics inside.

That’s $1,327 worth of awesomeness for only $1,200!

Signal and clip lights
Signal and clip lights

ART SLA4 4x140W Power Amplifier – $390

This is a great amp when you need  four channels in a single rack unit. I bought it for a play, then never used it again. Super simple design with TRS inputs on the back and binding post outputs.

The ART SLA-4 is a 400W studio linear power amplifier that delivers the clean power necessary for any professional audio or commercial sound environment. A 4-channel, single rack-space amplifier, you can easily switch the ART SLA-4 between multi-channel, stereo, and bridged mono modes. Separate mode switches let you bridge channels one and two, three and four, or both channel pairs for the ultimate in flexibility. A SmartFan cooling system, high-quality decoupling system, and included tamper-proof cover round out the professional ART SLA-4.

At $439 new, you save $49!

IMG_1098CAD PRO-4 Drum Microphone Kit (4-Piece) – $54

For a long time these were my backup mics. I would carry them to shows in case we needed to mic up another drum kit or ran out of mic stands.

The CAD Pro-4-Drum Mic Pack is designed to cover the miking needs of the touring drummer or percussionist with ease, excellence, and economy. The pack consists of one CAD KM 212 dynamic kick drum microphone, two CAD TM 211 tom mics, and one CAD SN 210 dynamic snare mic with a frequency response specifically tweaked for snare. The CAD TM 211 tom mics and CAD SN 210 snare mics include integral shockmount mic clips for optimal sound and easy mounting.

IMG_1087Cadence Rack Case 4U – $50

Solid wood case with a single pair of rails in front.

IMG_1078Gator GR-4S Rack Case – $120

Plastic rack case. Lighter than that wood one. Rack rails are metric. I have about 8 screws. You can get more at the hardware store…or move to Europe. ;)

I’ll throw in these cool rack mounted TRS-XLR adapters and Y-cables for free.

Gator’s mini racks are the perfect solution for shallow rack gear such as effects, eq’s, and the new smaller amps. Compact with the total rackable depth of 14.5″, these racks are easy to carry. Packed with all the features such as front and rear rack rail, universally stacking, durable front and rear lids and comfortable sloped side handles these are the perfect space savers offering all the benefits of a full size rack in a compact size!

IMG_1069SKB Studio Flyer 2U – $200

This is a great little rolling rack case that can be taken as a carry-on on a plane. I used to keep my whole live mixing and recording setup in it, including the laptop. There is a foam pad and it packs in tight.

The SKB SKB-RSF2U Studio Flyer case gives you an ideal transport solution for your portable recording rig. This roto-molded case includes a 2U rack for disk drives or recording devices, plus an adjustable storage space for your laptop. The Studio Flyer’s easy-glide wheels, retractable pull handle, and rubber-coated carrying handle make the SKB-RSF2U Studio Flyer great for on-the-go musicians. Nylon-reinforced fiberglass latches have trigger releases, while features such as a removeable cover and built-in mouse pad surface make the SKB-RSF2U Studio Flyer a performance-ready platform.

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  1. Cristina says:

    I do need most of your items!
    Can you ship to Italy?
    Waiting for your reply, all the best!

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  3. Walker Rose says:

    Am interested in your Seventh Circle preamp! A friend highly recommended this item and it seems like a good deal. If it is still available please let me know.

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