Finding Speaker Coverage In One Step

One of the most fun things to do on a design project is push speakers around and look at the resulting prediction using MAPP Online Pro. It can also be time consuming, though. I usually need to try a few different speakers and positions before I find a working solution. That’s why I have been keen to try out Daniel Lundberg’s formula (that he developed using information from Sound Systems: Design And Optimization by Bob McCarthy) to find ideal speaker coverage angle. With a few pieces of information detailed in his article I was able to eliminate a lot of guesswork and go straight to workable solutions.

NOTE: For those of you attempting use the formula, put away that calculator and download this spredsheet.

Here you can see me use the architectural visual aids in MAPP to draw triangles for measurement.

Section wArchitecture
Section view of ground floor and balcony



Using Daniel’s formula I was able to determine initial coverage angles and then refine them to these results.

Section View wCoverage
Section view with speaker coverage identification
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  1. andy says:

    I need your Uncoupled Array Calculator

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