FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack Cases

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IMG 1121 300x183 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesSeventh Circle Audio Microphone Preamp – $1,200

Q: Who makes the best preamps for the money?

A: I do. icon wink FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack Cases

I worked for hours and days meticulously building these preamps in 2006. I have stopped using it and am ready to find it a new loving home. If you love recording, you are going to love these preamps. Plus, there is plenty of space for you to build more!

They are in great condition. I moved twice, but they always remained safe in my studio and have probably been used less than 1,000 hours.

C84 ($349 new)

The SCA C84 is a transformerless microphone preamp based on the “Double Balanced” circuit first published in 1984 by Graham John Cohen and since used by many notable manufacturers. The C84 is superb on acoustic instruments, percussion, and any source that needs to be captured as accurately as possible. The C84 is also inexpensive and easy to build.

J99 ($479 new)

The SCA J99 is a flexible, high-gain, low-noise, low-distortion microphone preamplifier, based on the classic Jensen Twin Servo design.  This is a great preamp to use when a neutral sonic character is required, but the slightest amount of euphonic transformer coloration is desired.

Chassis and Power Supply ($499 new)

The CH01 is a rugged 2RU chassis designed to accept up to 8 of our preamp modules and a single PS03 power supply.  More than just a cosmetic frill, the chassis supports and protects the electronics inside and provides essential shielding from external noise sources.  Many kitbuilders find that drilling and punching a chassis to be the most challenging aspect of electronics construction, and even after hours of work are dissatisfied with the results.  The CH01 provides a simple route to a professionally finished chassis that’s as good as the electronics inside.

That’s $1,327 worth of awesomeness for only $1,200!

IMG 1071 300x153 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesRME Fireface 800 – $1,140

I’ve gotten so much good recording done with this rock solid audio interface and it’s still going strong. One firewire 800 connection and one TRS output have come loose and stopped working. The good thing is that there is that there are two firewire 800 connections and seven other TRS outputs, but I priced it accordingly.

The Fireface 800 from RME is a multi-channel FireWire audio interface for use both the Mac and Windows. Up to sixteen analog sources can be connected at one time, which include four microphone preamps with phantom power available. Dual ADAT ports add further connectivity by inputting or outputting up to sixteen digital channels from the correct digital sources. The latest “plug and play” technology guarantees a simple installation, even for the inexperienced user.

A front-sided headphone output delivers a high volume, adequate enough for low-impedance headphones, and represents the playback channels 9/10. The headphone output can be used directly with ASIO Direct Monitoring. The Fireface 800 also provides a Hi-Z instrument input for the use of guitar and bass. A soft limiter, a drive circuit and a speaker emulation filter can be used to further enhance the sound of these instruments.

At $1,300 new, you save $160!

IMG 1131 300x199 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack Cases
Signal and clip lights

ART SLA4 4x140W Power Amplifier – $390

This is a great amp when you need  four channels in a single rack unit. I bought it for a play, then never used it again. Super simple design with TRS inputs on the back and binding post outputs.

The ART SLA-4 is a 400W studio linear power amplifier that delivers the clean power necessary for any professional audio or commercial sound environment. A 4-channel, single rack-space amplifier, you can easily switch the ART SLA-4 between multi-channel, stereo, and bridged mono modes. Separate mode switches let you bridge channels one and two, three and four, or both channel pairs for the ultimate in flexibility. A SmartFan cooling system, high-quality decoupling system, and included tamper-proof cover round out the professional ART SLA-4.

At $439 new, you save $49!

IMG 1095 300x217 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesShinybox 46MXL Ribbon Microphone – $510

I used this mic on this record for all of the drums and several of the other instruments. I love ribbon mics. It’s still in perfect condition.

The 46MXL features a Lundahl® transformer that provides an extended frequency response that “vintage” ribbon microphones don’t. Capturing the magic in drums, piano, guitars, strings, and horns has never been easier. From quality of sound, to the best quality accesssories, you won’t find a better ribbon microphone.

IMG 1111 181x300 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesMXL 993 Condenser Microphones – $120

I only used these a couple of times. Good for drum overheads. You can hear them in this song.

The MXL 993 Condenser Mics Stereo Pair includes the latest in quality instrument microphone technology. Using transformerless FET circuitry and a gold diaphragm capsule design, the 993 delivers the dynamic range required in the most demanding instrument microphone applications. It has a silky, open sound with a wide dynamic range essential for accurate, instrument recording. With a 30Hz-20kHz frequency range, 10dB switchable attenuation, selectable -10dB low-frequency roll-off, and sturdy brass enclosure, the MXL 993 is perfect for guitar and overhead drum miking. Includes deluxe carrying case and mounting clips.

IMG 1104 300x199 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesSE1 Condenser Microphone Stereo Pair – $300

This is a great matched pair of condensers for the money. I used them a lot on drums and percussion. At some point I lost one of the screws and replaced it with one that doesn’t look the same. See photo.

The package includes a wood case and stereo mounting bar. Accurate sonic reproduction and high SPL response make the SE1A ideal for percussion, electric guitar, keyboard cabinets, piano and most acoustic instruments.

IMG 1098 300x199 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesCAD PRO-4 Drum Microphone Kit (4-Piece) – $54

For a long time these were my backup mics. I would carry them to shows in case we needed to mic up another drum kit or ran out of mic stands.

The CAD Pro-4-Drum Mic Pack is designed to cover the miking needs of the touring drummer or percussionist with ease, excellence, and economy. The pack consists of one CAD KM 212 dynamic kick drum microphone, two CAD TM 211 tom mics, and one CAD SN 210 dynamic snare mic with a frequency response specifically tweaked for snare. The CAD TM 211 tom mics and CAD SN 210 snare mics include integral shockmount mic clips for optimal sound and easy mounting.

IMG 1119 300x156 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesTC Electronic Level Pilot – $66

This is just a big old volume knob. I used it for a couple of years and it worked great. Then I switched audio interfaces and don’t need it any more.

TC Electronic’s Level Pilot gives you handy control of your stereo volume levels. Rather than having to lean way forward to grab a tiny volume knob, let the TC Electronic Level Pilot give you a convenient, great-looking desktop volume solution. It’s sleekly designed, with a slip-free rubberized bottom plate – and it requires no extra power supply. Just connect it up via its fully balanced quad-core cable, and you’ll be ready to make precise, high-resolution volume adjustments. It’s all analog-controlled after the final D/A conversion, so you get the utmost quality with Level Pilot.

IMG 1118 300x212 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesIMG 1087 300x197 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesCadence Rack Case 4U – $50

Solid wood case with a single pair of rails in front.

IMG 1078 300x165 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesGator GR-4S Rack Case – $120

Plastic rack case. Lighter than that wood one. Rack rails are metric. I have about 8 screws. You can get more at the hardware store…or move to Europe. icon wink FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack Cases

I’ll throw in these cool rack mounted TRS-XLR adapters and Y-cables for free.

Gator’s mini racks are the perfect solution for shallow rack gear such as effects, eq’s, and the new smaller amps. Compact with the total rackable depth of 14.5″, these racks are easy to carry. Packed with all the features such as front and rear rack rail, universally stacking, durable front and rear lids and comfortable sloped side handles these are the perfect space savers offering all the benefits of a full size rack in a compact size!

IMG 1069 168x300 FOR SALE: Preamp, Amp, RME Firewire 800, Ribbon Mic, Rack CasesSKB Studio Flyer 2U – $200

This is a great little rolling rack case that can be taken as a carry-on on a plane. I used to keep my whole live mixing and recording setup in it, including the laptop. There is a foam pad and it packs in tight.

The SKB SKB-RSF2U Studio Flyer case gives you an ideal transport solution for your portable recording rig. This roto-molded case includes a 2U rack for disk drives or recording devices, plus an adjustable storage space for your laptop. The Studio Flyer’s easy-glide wheels, retractable pull handle, and rubber-coated carrying handle make the SKB-RSF2U Studio Flyer great for on-the-go musicians. Nylon-reinforced fiberglass latches have trigger releases, while features such as a removeable cover and built-in mouse pad surface make the SKB-RSF2U Studio Flyer a performance-ready platform.

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Required Reading

I’ve read some really good books in the past year. These are the best and constitute required reading.

  • Charisma Myth300 198x300 Required ReadingThe Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane: Wherever you are going, charisma will help you get there faster. There are a bunch of really helpful exercises that focus on your internal emotional condition, which is displayed in your body language and affects the way people interact with you.



  • Positive Intelligence 200x300 Required ReadingPositive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine: This tries to be a business book, but is really about happiness. It taught me how to empathize with myself and good strategies for dealing with internal resistance. Any time you get upset, your brain is being sabotaged, taking it out of your control.



  • TurningPro.pbk .cover  187x300 Required ReadingTurning Pro by Steven Pressfield: This took me 2 hours to read and is an emotional roller coaster. Pressfield is blunt. You are either completely dedicated to your life’s work, or you are wasting it.


Thanks to my dad for turning me on to these great books.

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The Momentum Of Completed Goals

sound design live ebook cover 200x300 The Momentum Of Completed Goals
Available for Kindle, Nook, and Desktop eReaders.
On May 1, 2012 I set a goal to publish an eBook.

I thought it would take 6 months. It took 14. On July 14, 2013, with the help of some amazing friends, I published Sound Design Live: Build Your Career As A Sound Engineer. I learned a lot about writing and publishing and plan to update it with new information annually.





In May 2013 I set a goal to climb to the peak of Mt. Whitney.

nathan lively mt whitney The Momentum Of Completed Goals
Highest summit in the contiguous United States at 14,505 feet.

With the help of Daniel Scott and Elis Bradshaw I trained weekly, working my way up to the necessary distance while carrying a full pack. On July 18, 2013 I struggled under the high altitude to our camp site 6.5 miles up the trail. Unfortunately, the first day was so strenuous that I wasn’t able to reach the peak with the rest of the team the following day. Still, for me, a success.

I thought it would feel amazing to publish a book, but it feels…pretty good. I thought it would feel amazing to climb Mt. Whitney, but it feels…pretty good. I also thought it would feel amazing to speak Portuguese, but it felt…pretty good. I better damn well speak Portuguese after living there for 18 months! It just made sense, you know? It’s not like, poof, here’s a book. It took a lot more work than I expected.

The power I got out of the process of setting and completing these two big goals was momentum. Now that I’ve published an eBook, I’m sure I can release another record or do anything else in the area of online publishing for myself and others. Now that I’ve climbed Mt. Whitney (12,000ft of it), I can find other hikes that I know I’ll enjoy and other land masses that need to be dominated.

I don’t have specifics on my next goals, yet, but one will involve a venture into online publishing and content strategy for hire, and another will involve rocking out with my cock out (aka music). Get your cameras ready.

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How To Target Specific Pages With Skimlinks In Thesis 2.0

Skimlinks is a great simple tool for automatically adding affiliate links to your website. It can make a mess, though, if you install the WordPress plugin because the functionality is global and links will start showing up where you don’t want them.

The solution? Remove the WordPress plugin and instead paste the javascript code from Skimlinks Settings into the footer scripts section of the template settings in the Thesis skin editor. Seems simple, but took me a while to figure out.


  1. Copy the javascript from Skimlinks settings.
  2. Open Thesis 2.0 skin editor.
  3. Navigate to the page or template where you would like Skimlinks to function.
  4. Click the gear icon next to the page title.
  5. Paste code into Footer Scripts.
  6. Save template.
  7. Test pages/posts by adding anywhere on your site.

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